Green Initiatives


We at CST view our “Green” initiatives as both a tremendous responsibility and a great opportunity. We feel that as a true market leader in our industry, we are in a unique position to lead the way carriers develop and execute socially responsible sustainability plans. In each area that we set out to make deliberate sustainability improvements, our foundation remains how to make the greatest measurable impact. Although many companies build a “Green” initiative solely based upon on those areas that offer cost savings, CST has shown our true commitment to sustainability by investing in those projects that do not always offer a cost savings, but remain the most socially responsible choice.

Overall, our “Green” initiatives are best summarized by two primary areas of focus: natural resource consumption and recycling optimization. More specifically, CST has demonstrated considerably improvements in the following areas:

Natural Resource Consumption

Company Tractor Fleet Investments (Average Age Under 3-Years)
Driver Training Awareness to Reduce Tractor Idling Times
Company Fleet Engine Governors Set to Safe and Fuel Efficient Standards
Total Warehouse Lighting Redesign to install Low Energy Lighting
Installation of new High Efficiency A/C Units in our Buildings
Tablet Signature Release with Email Notification (Eliminating Cartage Receipts)
Solar Powered Electric Fencing

Recycling Optimization

Office Paper
Fleet Tires
100% of Inbound Airfreight Packing
Fleet Trailers

Although the core of our “Green” program was originally adopted in 2007, we remain committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement and strive each year to find new ways to remain innovative.